Implementing Sales and Inventory Management System integrated with the FBR Invoicing Portal to ensure tax compliance for retailers under FBR regulations.

Sales & Inventory System | Billing System | FBR POS integration

Honda Drive-In

Automobile Sales & Service
Karachi, Pakistan


Our client, a leading automobile dealership, was facing challenges in managing sales and inventory efficiently while ensuring compliance with taxation regulations set by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in Pakistan. They required a solution that would streamline their sales processes, manage inventory effectively, and seamlessly integrate with the FBR’s invoicing portal to facilitate tax compliance.



Solutions Highlights

“Implementing a user-friendly automobile sales and service system with a billing solution integrated with the FBR invoice system”

As a leading POS software company, our team worked closely with the client to deliver the best solution that addressed their specific needs. We implemented a customized FBR-integrated POS software and inventory management system aimed at streamlining the client’s billing operations and inventory management processes. Through close collaboration and understanding of the client’s requirements, we developed a solution that not only met their expectations but also provided added value in terms of efficiency and compliance. Key features of the solution included

Automated Sales Processes

Inventory Management

Integration with FBR Invoicing Portal

Real-time Reporting

Results and Benefits

Improved Efficiency

Automation of sales and inventory management processes led to significant improvements in efficiency, reducing processing time and minimizing errors.

Enhanced Compliance

Integration with the FBR’s invoicing portal ensured timely and accurate tax reporting, eliminating compliance risks and penalties.

Better Decision-making

Real-time visibility into sales data and inventory levels enabled the client to make informed decisions regarding stock management, pricing, and resource allocation.


The successful integration of the FBR’s POS System and inventory management system with the FBR’s invoicing portal ensures Tier-1 Retailers’ compliance with FBR regulations. By providing real-time insights, this solution has positioned the client for sustained growth and success in the competitive automobile market

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