Implementing a Hospital Reception Front Desk System Integrated Pharmacy Management System at Elizbeth Hospital, Hyderabad

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Hyderabad, Pakistan


Elizbeth Hospital in Hyderabad – is one of the most significant clinics in the country that provides all the necessary medical services and cares about the health of patients. Understanding the significance of improving responsiveness of its pharmacy operations the hospital aimed at enhancing its current systems covering the question of inventory and sales as well as billing systems in the context of the hospital’s pharmacy division.


Elizbeth Hospital is a popular healthcare institution that treats thousands of people each year; the hospital provides numerous medical services in various fields of medicine. Pharmacy is one of the essential service delivery points within the hospital setting, which plays a pivotal role in delivering prescribed medicines to patients promptly and without any error. However, before this implementation, the pharmacy management system was disjointed hence it experienced weak supplies and correspondingly errors in charges and stock management.


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The primary challenges faced by Elizbeth Hospital’s pharmacy included

Inventory Management

Sales Tracking

Billing Errors:

Integration Issues

Solutions Highlights

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To elicit solutions to these problems, a Point of Sale (POS) system with a fully integrated pharmacy management module was designed and used. Key features of the solution included

Real-time Inventory Management

Integrated Sales Module

Automated Billing

Centralized Data System

Results and Benefits

Elizabeth Hospital

The implementation of the integrated pharmacy management system at Elizbeth Hospital resulted in several significant benefits:

Better Stock Control

Reduced Billing Errors

Operational Efficiency


In conclusion, the implementation of the integrated pharmacy management system at Elizbeth Hospital, Hyderabad with the help of NPCIL turned out to help overcome some of the major issues faced by the pharmacy department. When the inventory, the sales, and the billing concerns are effectively managed through the system, it results not only in better operation but also in raising the standard of quality of patient care. It can be concluded that this case study is also relevant in the context of the role of technology in healthcare organizations as it emphasizes that technological advancements should be incorporated in healthcare organizations for them to effectively deliver optimal services and organizational performance.

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