Implementing 5S Principles at Shell Pakistan Warehouse: Conducting thorough physical counts, labeling, and categorizing inventory for streamlined organization

Physical Count | Inventory Sorting & Tagging | Implementing 5S Principles

Shell Pakistan Limited

Oil industry
Karachi, Pakistan


In light of the above-mentioned points, here is the successful experience of cooperation with CBRE for Shell Pakistan that helped in providing precise identification of stocks and efficient inventory management. Our project mainly focused on offering an accurate record of inventories to display their stock in their warehouse and secondly to systematically organize the items in a way that helps to store them systematically. This involved an exercise that involved sorting more of the inventories based on specific categories that were provided for alongside labeling including row numbers and column numbers.

Client Overview

Shell Pakistan mainly deals with energy products and is one of the most prominent energy companies in Pakistan with many products & services. They indeed, have a vast number of warehouses which makes it very important to maintain the inventory position.


They identified several problems that they experienced during their work for Shell Pakistan – one of them was a large-scale inventory that had to be analyzed. The stock that was stored in the warehouse was diverse and enormous; it became quite challenging to optimize the operation. Finally, the inventory was stocked in different places in the warehouse, which made it hard to count, tag, and sort properly.

Solutions Highlights

“Physical counts, tagging, put away to position, counting to know the exact stock position, proper identification of articles.”

To address the difficulties faced by Shell Pakistan, the proposed solution was to offer an advanced and comprehensive solution to correctly and accurately calculate the number and types of their stocks. This involved implementing the following steps:

Physical Count and Labeling

Sorting and Organizing

Repacking and Taping

Row-wise Placement

Category-wise Allocation

Results and Benefits

The implementation of our solution produced significant results and client satisfaction

Improved Inventory Accuracy

Through conducting best practices inventory processes and integration of tight tracking systems, inventory accuracy was greatly enhanced.

Enhanced Efficiency

They include the optimized inventory layout and organization where there was less time consumed in acquiring, compiling, or accessing inventories.

Space Optimization

By making rows stand in a row and grouping them according to their category, it was able to reduce congestion in the warehouse and provide the workers with an efficient environment.

Efficient inventory retrieval

When the inventory has been arranged well in the appropriate rows, the process of recounting becomes very easy and efficient and SI makes sure that the management of inventory is accurate. In addition, this organized structure helps in achieving proper loading mechanisms in case the commodities are required to be retrieved from the stores.


One can no longer doubt the change that comes with our excellent counting and sorting of inventory solutions. Through the undertaking of the various strategies in line with our client’s formulation as an IMEX sortation expert, we were able to turn around the inventory position, labeling, and packaging of the products as well as sort the items and arrange them row-wise with categorical identification that would scale up its general performance and customer satisfaction

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