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Sami Son's

Garment and Uniform
Karachi, Pakistan


As for all retail chains, accurate inventory tracking and efficient POS are critical when competing with other similar retailers. The objective was to improve the efficiency of operations, maintenance of inventory, and customer satisfaction in the context of Sami Son’s Uniform Store; a chain store of uniforms that exclusively operates in and around Taiwan. In this case, we examine how their business was revolutionized by the implementation of the innovative and enhanced POS system with a built-in inventory tracking system.


Sami Son’s Uniform Store is amongst the major players in the uniform business, with branches across many states. Patrons of schools, hospitals, and corporate personnel are some of the clients that are served by the store since it supplies all kinds of uniforms. Sami Son’s was a well-established company that was known to produce quality products and was known for the excellent customer service that they offered to their clients; however, they faced the challenge of coping with their expanding operations especially when it came to inventory management.


Eyecon Consultant

Before implementing our POS system, Sami Son faced several challenges

Inventory Discrepancies

Inefficient POS Operations

Limited Reporting Capabilities

Inconsistent Pricing

Solutions Highlights

Eyecon Consultant

Our POS system with integrated inventory management addressed these challenges through the following features

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Fast and Efficient POS Operations

Comprehensive Reporting

Centralized Pricing Management

Results and Benefits

Elizabeth Hospital

The implementation of our POS system yielded significant benefits for Sami Son’s Uniform Store

Improved Inventory Accuracy

Enhanced Customer Experience

Data-Driven Decisions:

Consistent Pricing


The introduction of our new standard POS system dengan inventory management was positively impacting Sami Son’s Uniform Store tremendously. Thus, solving their main concerns and offering an extended solution, helped them deliver higher effectiveness, precision, and satisfaction among customers. This case reveals how numerous retailers have leveraged POS upgrades to boost efficiency and sales, and denotes our dedication to supporting today’s enterprises with technology tools.

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