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Barcode Solution Provider

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Eyecon Consultant is the best Barcode Solution Provider in Pakistan our professional staff provides complete & reliable consultancy services according to your business needs also our team is experts in QR codes &  solutions.
Our expert consultant serving to retail stores, textile industries, garment factories, production units, warehouses, and different types of industries.

Barcode Solution Provider

Business Automation Services In Pakistan

Barcode Solution Provider
Business automation

Barcode, QR and Label generation

Sofware Deployment

RFID Solutions in Pakistan

Enterprise-Level Solutions

Third party/Hardware Integration

QR code solution

Barcode software for Inventory Management

Barcode Solution Provider & Inventory Tracking System

OneClick is a leading inventory tracking software to increase your efficiency and eliminate your resource and time.

Just scan your product and Manage Stock with accuracy

Barcode Solution Provider Best Inventory Management Software with Scanning

A complete & powerful Inventory Management System that builds visibility and control over inventory costs, ensuring that there is always enough stock on hand to meet customer/company demands. The module restrains the stock levels, and processes inventory receipts, returns, transfers, and adjustments.
Oneclick POS is a beautifully designed, responsive application for Inventory and sales management with barcode identification. That makes it fast & easy to deliver to your customers and keep them coming back to your store/warehouse. Works online & offline. Keep selling with OnClick a complete retail solution, even when your internet connection lets you down. Your sales will automatically update to our servers the next time you go online.

manage inventory in just single scann

ONECLICK Retail & Inventory management System Features

Retail Inventory Management

Purpose of Barcode implementation

To control your inventory and manage your Stock

Strong Daily, weekly & monthly reporting in one Click

Barcode automation to automate store and fast issuance.

Easy to audit stores and manage stock traking

Minimize lost / leakage and organize your store.

How to Make Your Business Paperless Essential Steps to Digitize Your

Product tracking | Asset tagging | Inventory labeling

Initial Process assessments

Monitor and optimize

Train Your Staff

Integrate barcode systems with existing ERP or inventory software

Choose the Right Business Automation Team & Technology

Implement Real-Time inventory tracking

Inventory Management System?

Barcoding and Data Collection Solution

Maximize Data Collection, Minimize Effort

Why You need Expert team for Barcoding and Data Collection Solution?

If you’re seeking ways to cut costs without sacrificing efficiency and productivity because, nowadays, you can’t make your business profitable without reducing costs. As you likely already know, automating barcode data collection is a smart choice for boosting productivity and eliminating errors and additional expenses. While automation requires an investment, the benefits are substantial, with many organizations seeing a return on investment in under six months. 

Barcoding and Data Collection Solution

Integrating Barcode solutions with Your ERP Software

Automation of manual tasks and data entry

  If you’re searching expert barcode team to automate and optimize your Production Floor, Store, Warehouse, inventory processes, consider integrating QR Code, barcode and RFID systems with your ERP System or WMS software. Barcode and RFID technologies utilize labels, scanners, and readers to identify, track, and manage inventory items.  

ERP Integrations

ERP Integration involves connecting a business’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software with other applications like barcode tracking system and QR code base inventory traceability solution. This integration aims to share data across systems, enhancing productivity, providing valuable insights, and establishing a single source of truth. 

ERP Integration Method

We can integrate our barcode solution with your ERP system based on its structure and your specific business requirements. Here are some common ERP integration methods:

Directly connects barcode automation system to the ERP individually. While straightforward, it can become complex and hard to manage as the number of systems increases.

Uses middleware as an intermediary to facilitate communication between the ERP and barcode systems. This approach standardizes data exchange and simplifies integration by reducing direct connections.

Utilizes APIs to enable different systems to communicate with the ERP. APIs offer flexibility and scalability, allowing for real-time data exchange and easier integration of cloud-based applications. 

Involves periodically transferring large batches of data between systems. While not real-time, it is useful for systems where immediate updates are not critical or real time ERP connectivity not available. 

Benefits of Integrating a Barcode System with Your ERP


Reduce Training

Barcodes and scanners are straightforward to use, enabling new employees to quickly become efficient at tasks and finally the system simplifies the learning curve and speeds up the training process. 

Enhanced Efficiency and productivity

Automating data collection with barcodes speeds up processes such as inventory management, order processing, and shipping, leading to increased operational efficiency.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Integrating barcodes with ERP systems provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, production status, and other critical business metrics, enabling better decision-making.

Time & Cost Savings

By reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors, businesses can save on labor costs and avoid costly mistakes related to inventory discrepancies.

Streamlined Operations

Barcodes simplify tracking and managing products through various stages of production and distribution, resulting in more streamlined and organized operations.

Improved Accuracy and reduce fraud

Barcodes significantly reduce the human error in data entry, ensuring more accurate inventory and transaction records.

Enhanced Traceability

Barcodes facilitate precise tracking of products throughout the supply chain, improving traceability and compliance with industry regulations.

Better Customer Service

Accurate and efficient inventory management leads to better stock availability, faster order fulfillment, and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction.

We have a team of business automation experts, developers, consultants, and industry specialists who can understand your requirements and integrate our solution with various ERP systems, including Oracle ERP,  SAP ERP,  NetSuite (Oracle),  Microsoft Dynamics 365,  Sage Intacct,  ERP Next,  and more. 

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