Why Important Parts Shop Software to manage your Spare parts store and workshop.

Manage your Spare Parts stores, service center, oil shop and Accessories store with OneClick Parts shop software.

Auto parts POS system

Auto Parts Shop POS SOFTWARE

Eyecon Consultant is the best Auto Parts shop POS provider in Pakistan. Our accurate and efficient POS system let you get the hold of your inventory and manage your inventory accordingly. OneClick have various aspects that will lead you in running a comfortable and organized business.

Convenient sales process | manage Inventory & Stock | manage Commissions | improve the customer experience |

save you time and money | FBR Integration POS System | gain insights into your sales performance |

Customize Reports For Thermal and A4 Printer.

Benefits of using a Parts shop Software for your business

A POS Software helps every business run smoothly especially one complicated like Auto parts Showroom as it contains inventory of every size from a piece of a nail to the size of an engine. POS Software let you handle your business in a mannered and organized way by keeping your inventory up-to-date, maintaining party ledgers, generating sales with record keeping, giving you your business revenue reports and many others.

Benefits of our auto parts pos software

Points that makes OneClick the best POS Software in Pakistan

Eyecon Consultant’s OneClick have every functionality that is needed to run a business efficiently and smoothly. Some factors that makes it better than others are:

Strong Database Structure

We have a strong database structure that keeps every data sorted and accurate and easy backup method.

Party Ledgers

Whether it’s Customer, Supplier, Sales Agent, Employee or other party, you can manage their ledger with ease.

E-mail & SMS Integration

Thank you” SMS, New promotion SMS/E-mail, offer reminder SMS/E-mail all can be done with just OneClick.

Inventory Management

You can easily manage your warehouse and shop inventory separately and combined as per your requirement.

Multi Location Business

You can easily manage your multiple locations through OneClick whether it be at any place in the world, we can integrate your locations.

Customized Reporting

We provide various types of reports and if you don’t find your desired reports, no need to worry because we can design them for you.

OneClick’s Reports To make it different from any other parts shop software.

Eyecon Consultant’s OneClick offers various reports that will give you an accurate overview of your business, following are some reports:

  • Business Sales Summary.
  • Business Sales Detail.
  • Party Ledger (i.e. Customer, Supplier, Sales Agent, Employee and Other accounts)
  • Profit and Loss.
  • Stock Status.
  • Purchase Detail.
One Click Reports

POS ERP Software Highlights

  • Easy Inventory Management of spare parts and accessories.
  • Smart Order Booking for oil change services.
  • Multi Business Locations And Warehouse.
  • Integrated With An ECommerce Solution.
  • Integrated POS Software With Shopify.
  • Integrated With FBR.
  • Cash And Credit Sale for car wash and other  operations .
  • Petty Cash (Salary, Loan, Cash Draw, Etc.)
  • General And Miscellaneous Expenses.
  • Customer, Supplier, And Agent Ledger.
  • Transfer Between Shops.
  • Raw Material Control.
  • Stitched And Unstitched Fabric Record.