Sweets & Bakery POS Software

“Grow Your Business with OneClick – SMART Bakery POS Software for SMART Business”

Sweet shop & Bakery Management System with the complete bakery management system, inventory management, and fast billing operations.

Sweets and Bakers

How Important is Bakery POS Software

Our Bakery POS Software is a proven, full-featured, cost-justified, and integrated software solution for automating transactions across your bakery business and reducing paperwork.

The Bakery Management software is fully customizable to interface with your existing or can work as a stand-alone solution for your mobile workforce and office personnel.

The software will allow the owners to maintain their entire record in one place which is easy to manage and reduce the risk of errors & Loses.

Eyecon Consultant provides the most advanced Desktop/Cloud based POS Software for Sweets and Bakers.
In Bakery solution, we provide complete business solution row material management to sales & cash flow control. Eyecon Consultant also offers Restaurant POS Software. 

Sweets Bakery POS System

5 reason to use Bakery Management System.

Material Control System

You can manage your Restaurant Billing System, bakery warehouse and kitchen inventory in a very organized way by using Recipe & raw material module in one click software.

Weight scale Connectivity

A Good Bakery Software connected with a Weight scale to control extra weight on the sale counter.

Multi-Location Control

It’s not easy to control multi-located business operations & stock without using an efficient solution.

Multi-Sales Counter

For large Bakery, you can manage multiple sale counter setups to manage individual sales and payment control.

Bakery Accounting Management

To manage Daily expenses, and supplier payment, you need to use a complete accounting software for Bakery and your Restaurnt.

Highlights Of Best Bakery POS Software

  • Finance Monitoring
  • Salesperson & Agent Commission
  • Employee, supplier, and expense ledger
  • Data & Customer Management
  • Warehouse control
  • Easy kitchen management System
  • Order booking and delivery
  • Dashboard & Mobile Reporting
  • Cash, Credit, Credit Card
  • User/Cashier payment management
  • User Control & Logs
  • Easy Accounts/Petty Cash
  • General & Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Strong Database Structure
  • Weight Scale Connectivity
  • Online and offline versions
  • Free Bakery software demo