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Grocery Store Software

Eyecon is a leading Grocery Store Software provider in Karachi.
The objective of the Supermarket Software is to manage the sales activity done in a Mart and maintain the stocks.

The users consume less time in calculation and the sales activity which is completed within a fraction of a second whereas the manual system makes the user write it down which is a longer procedure and it also consumes a lot of time.
The system is strong to handle daily operations and easy to operate and understand such as Barcode Solution , adding the items along with the rate, performing sales, inventory management, vendor order, reports, and other daily operation. We also provide Restaurant POS Software.

Grocery-Store POS software

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What you can get in OneClick! Supermarket billing system

Today supermarkets, grocery store, and Restaurant Billing System businesses face the challenge of efficiently managing inventory, serving customers promptly, and maintaining accurate financial records and if you need FBR POS solution to integrate your supermarket billing operation, you need a perfect supermarket billing system. OneClick! Is well-designed Grocery Store Software is essential to streamline operations, reduce human errors, and enhance customer satisfaction. This article explores the key features and benefits of such a system.

Grocery Store Software | FBR POS System for Supermarket

What is the benefits by using top ranked

Supermarket billing system?

Grocery Store Software | FBR POS System for Supermarket

Easy Inventory Management

Supermarket billing software are integrated with inventory management modules. They help store owners track stock levels, monitor product expiry dates, and generate automatic restocking alerts. This ensures that products are always available for customers and reduces the likelihood of overstocking or understocking.

Multiple Payment Options

Modern software system for Grocery store and minimart, support various payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, mobile payments, and even contactless options. This versatility caters to a broader customer base, making transactions more convenient for everyone.

Discounts and Loyalty Programs:

Supermarkets often run promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs to attract the customers, so you must need at complete ERP software for supermarket to manage discount and other loyalty program easily.

Scalability and Integration

As businesses grow, their needs change. Supermarket billing systems are designed to be scalable, allowing for the addition of new features or integration with other software systems or integrate with ecommerce web portal to manage their online grocery store business in one place.

Integrated with FBR billing portal

FBR POS system ensure compliance with local tax laws and regulations and integrated with FBR billing portal.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Supermarket sales and inventory management systems generate detailed reports on sales, inventory, and customer behavior. We have supermarket.

receipt remove

Customizable Receipts

A Smart and complete point of sale software for grocery store and minimart allow customization of receipts with the store's logo, contact information, and return policies.

Benefit of POS Software

Day closing and Cash Control

One of the primary functions of a supermarket billing system is to facilitate fast and easy day closing option to make more secure your business financials.


  • Strong Database Structure
  • Touch & Type Screen
  • Advanced & Fast Searching
  • Customized Reporting
  • Ramzan Package/Deal/Discount Manager
  • Single & Chain Business
  • Customer Record Keeping.
  • Cash & Credit Sale.
  • Credit Card & Cheque Acceptance.
  • Return, Exchange, Gift, Personal Use.
  • Petty Cash (Salary, Loan, Cash Draw Etc.)
  • General & Miscellaneous Expences.
  • Customer, Supplier & Agent Ledger.
  • Audit/Log Report For Every User.
  • Hold/Recall Sale Transaction.
  • Internal/External Transfer.
  • Re-Order Item`S Blinking.
  • Import/Export In Excel.
  • Show Encrypted Purchase Cost.
  • Advance Searching Tool.