Furniture Store POS System

“The Best Furniture Store deserves the Best Furniture Store POS System”

Furniture store POS System | Furniture Store Software | Inventory Management

Furniture Store POS & Inventory Management System

Most of the stores are using ERP Software for furniture Retailers but. now Eyecon Consultant offers you its product named OneClick Furniture Retail Shop POS.  it is a POS for furniture retailers which manages your household furniture, office furniture, kids’ furniture, and many more according to your desired customization. Our best retail solution provides you with complete sales, purchase, billing, customer care, membership program, stock handling, chain store integration, user control & accounting entries in one solution, provided in Karachi , Lahore , Islamabad, Quetta, Abbottabad, Sukkur, Peshawar, Rawalpindi and all major cities in Pakistan. Furniture store POS System. Oneclick! Is the perfect solution for all types of furniture exporters, furniture importers, furniture traders, furniture manufacturers, furniture designers, furniture distributors, and furniture stores.
Furniture store POS System | Furniture Store Software | Inventory Management

What OneClick Retail Furniture Shop POS Offers

OneClick is one of the best Furniture Store Software which offers you a Furniture store inventory system to manage your business efficiently, Reports of all kinds which let you know how your shop/Business is doing according to every aspect i.e. Sales, Profit, and loss, Ledger Reports, Petty cash and many more. Eyecon’s OneClick is the best billing software for furniture businesses as it makes billing relatively easy. OneClick offers an easy-to-use dashboard to look up your shop/business.

Manage Chain Furniture Outlets

Eyecon’s OneClick also gives you relaxation to manage your multiple furniture outlets from one place which makes it the best accounting software for furniture showrooms. Through our Furniture Shop POS, you can easily track Live Sales, Stock updates, and inventory management of your various franchises and your warehouse from one place. Our multi-store functionality controls the location wises all transactions and transfers between warehouse to location or location to location.

E-Commerce Website

Eyecon Consultant provides an e-commerce website that is integrated with your Retail Furniture Shop POS Software so that you can take orders online and vast your sales with just OneClick. Eyecon’s developed online furniture store and user-friendly attractive website won’t make your customers stressed while ordering furniture. The eCommerce website  also has a responsive design, which gives a good look on tablet and mobile   as well

Mobile Application

Tired enough to not make it to your Furniture shop/business unit or not feeling well to visit your furniture Store? No need to worry, Eyecon Consultant got your back on this, you can view your Furniture shop/Business reports. and your mobile through our mobile report android Application which offers you to view following reports:

  1. Sales Detail Report.
  2. Profit and Loss Report.
  3. Stock Report.
  4.  Party Ledger Report.

OneClick Mobile Application allows your customer to place an order there too.
Eyecon Consultant’s POS system for Furniture Store is not just making it easy to manage your business but it is also trying its best to boost your sales and business through various platforms.