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Elevate your park experience with our comprehensive suite of features, online ticketing website, Point-of-Sale (POS), CRM, RFID-based Tickets, restaurant POS, gift cards, coupons, Loyalty Programs, Memberships, entry management, guest surveys, and more in our Theme Park Ticketing Software.

Amusement Park

Best Amusement Park Management Software in Pakistan

Introducing Eyecon Amusement Park Management Software Your Premier Outdoor Entertainment Solution. As a technology leader in the entertainment industry, this suite has emerged specifically for outdoor adventure & amusement venues. Evolving into a comprehensive solution, it now seamlessly manages Adventure Parks, Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Aqua Parks, Wave Parks, Zoos, and Aquariums worldwide. Eyecon Park Management System & Ticketing Solution is your key to crafting unforgettable guest experiences, enhancing business resilience, and boosting staff productivity.

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The Ultimate Solution for Adventure Parks and Water Parks

Discover the world of outdoor entertainment with an automated business solution, a comprehensive solution, and the leader in cutting-edge technology solutions for the entertainment and leisure industry. Details of our services are as follows:

RFID card solution & RFID Band

Simplified Online Ticketing Solution by Eyecon Amusement. Experience the ease of selling tickets with Eyecon Amusement's online ticketing system. Eyecon Amusement provide guests with receipts that serve as a hassle-free entry pass. Upon arrival, guests simply present the receipt to receive a Barcode, QR Code, or RFID tag, streamlining their entry and enabling convenient on-site purchases. Online ticketing made effortlessly simple.

Online Ticketing Solution

We provide one of the unique and easy-to-implement RFID Payment Solutions for Amusement Parks to enhance Operational Efficiency with Our Ride-Based Control Readers for Theme Parks. Elevate performance with our cutting-edge RFID & UHF-based solutions designed for theme parks and water parks. These versatile devices can be deployed on individual rides for tasks such as deducting payments, validating access, or facilitating check-ins for time-based activities. With their waterproof and outdoor-friendly design, these wireless readers seamlessly operate in any environment.

Ticketing Kiosk

Revolutionize Your Operations with Eyecon Amusement's Ticketing Kiosk. Experience seamless automation from ticketing to F&B sales with our cutting-edge ticketing kiosks by Eyecon Amusement. This self-service kiosks empower your guests to effortlessly purchase RFID tags, check balances, recharge them, and place orders. Minimize reliance on staff, curb pilferage, and elevate customer convenience through our interactive kiosks. Say goodbye to queues and make a lasting first impression

POS & Entry Ticketing

Streamlined Amusement Park POS & Entry Ticketing by Eyecon Adventure. Effortlessly manage capacity with the Eyecon Amusement Park POS & Entry Ticketing solution. Enhance footfall at your venue through our intuitive system, offering ticketing options across multiple channels.

RFID Lockers

Enhance Guest Convenience with RFID Lockers for Parks & Outdoor Venues by Eyecon Amusement. Offer your guests peace of mind by providing secure storage solutions for their belongings. Unlock a hands-free experience with Eyecon RFID lockers.

Food & Beverage Sales

Elevate Food & Beverage Sales with Eyecon Amusement. Effortlessly blend food and beverage sales into your ticketing process. Eyecon Food & Beverage Sales software enables swift processing of higher volumes, efficient management of table layouts, bill splitting, and streamlined staff shift organization. Seamlessly integrate the POS with Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) and Kitchen Order Token (KOT) systems for enhanced order management. Simplify the management of your food courts and restaurants with ease.

Retail & Merchandise Sales

Maximize Revenue and Customer Satisfaction with Eyecon Amusement's Retail and merchandise Sales. Transform your customers into enthusiastic fans and increase revenue with our state-of-the-art retail and merchandise sales management solution. Efficiently monitor beloved merchandise through comprehensive inventory management. Utilize the integrated Achievement Module to offer merchandise as prizes and rewards, ensuring a delightful experience for your customers at every turn.

Inventory & Recipe Management

Effortlessly Manage Inventory and Recipes with Eyecon Amusement. Ensure your venue stays well-stocked and streamline recipe management with Eyecon inventory management software. Easily handle purchasing, receiving, and costing, all in one user-friendly system. The recipe management feature enables precise tracking of ingredients, providing automatic inventory reminders when supplies run low. Intuitive and reliable, it's the smarter way to build and manage your shopping list.

Maintenance Module

Optimize the well-being of your assets and ensure the safety of your guests with the Eyecon Amusement Maintenance Module. Entrust the essentials to our intelligent system, which diligently monitors the repair and maintenance of every ride and equipment within your theme park. With its advanced functionality, the module not only schedules regular maintenance but also records completion updates, leaving nothing to chance. The result? A secure, top-tier experience that prioritizes both safety and quality.

Digital Signage Solution

Elevate the thrill factor with Eyecon Amusements' Digital Signage solution. This intelligent tool not only amps up excitement but also facilitates seamless communication with your guests, making wayfinding a breeze. Showcase captivating images of your park, unveil enticing offers, and guide thrill-seekers to new attractions. Maintain the festive atmosphere while giving your marketing strategy a cutting-edge boost.

Online Ticketing System for Theme Parks

 Ticketing website development | Online ticket booking portal | Booking System for Amusement Parks

Impress your guests with an outstanding online ticketing system that can be integrated with your Ticking POS software with user-friendly features! From the initial click onwards, Eyecon empowers you to enhance your visitors’ experience by providing a seamless online ticketing platform meticulously aligned with the branding and tone of your theme park. Effortlessly manage entrance queues and ensure visitor satisfaction through swift barcode ticket redemption.

Our philosophy revolves around a straightforward, organized approach to online ticket booking systems. We prioritize simplicity, enabling your visitors to effortlessly purchase tickets, plan their exciting day out, and incorporate upgrades like seasonal events or special experiences with just a few clicks. Furthermore, our system accommodates your member and annual pass holders, allowing them to conveniently reserve their preferred time slot online by logging into their account and selecting the date and time that suits their schedule. Elevate the overall guest experience with the eyecon consultant’s intuitive and efficient ticketing solution!

Discover the Exceptional Features of POS Software for Theme Park Ticketing Software

Eyecon Theme Park Ticketing Software offers a comprehensive solution suite designed for outdoor entertainment venues, brought to you by the worldwide leader in technology solutions for the leisure and entertainment industry.

With Eyecon Park Management System you can get:

Billing Operation

Unlock the Magic With Water Park Point of Sale System

Choose Eyecon Water Park’s point-of-sale system for a world-class blend of innovation, efficiency, and guest satisfaction. Characteristics are as follows:

Innovative Solutions

Experience cutting-edge technology tailored for Water park venues, crafted by Eyecon POS and park ticketing software, a global leader in entertainment technology.

Seamless Operations

Ensure smooth and efficient business processes with our flexible solutions, designed to adapt to your unique needs.

Enhanced Guest Experiences

Immerse your guests in unforgettable moments with constantly evolving, state-of-the-art technology that elevates their Water park experience.

Centralized Control

Manage multiple sites effortlessly with centralized control and reporting, providing you with a comprehensive view of your operations by implementing our RFID band to your visitors.

Seamless Expansion

Experience cutting-edge technology tailored for Water park venues, crafted by Eyecon POS and park ticketing software, a global leader in entertainment technology.

Continuous Support

Count on our trained staff in local offices and through our partners to provide dedicated support. Our global support center operates 24x7 to support you.

24/7 Dedicated Customer Support is a key of best POS Software Company

Experience the ease of our straightforward service level agreement (SLA), ensuring a quick response within minimum short time and a commitment to resolving any issues within a timeframe, for any urgent support we provide a team of dedicated support staff to our customers and make a WhatsApp group to resolve any urgent issues. Rest assured, we prioritize and escalate mission-critical issues, recognizing the vital role your till systems play in the seamless operation of your theme park. Your satisfaction and the uninterrupted functioning of your systems are our top priorities.