Trader, Supplier & Distributor Management System

“Eyecon Consultant offers best Trader, Supplier & Distributor management System”

Sales Distribution Management System

Sales Distribution Management System (SDMS) is a software application that manages the core front office business activities from sales order processing, purchasing, and inventory management through to financial accounting. It is a unique Distributor management system bringing together Sales & Distribution Management into one user-friendly package. It assists users in managing and monitoring their sales cycle as well as keeping track of the status of their product delivery.The SDMS software application has long-standing roots in distribution, and therefore Eyecon Consultant provides a much higher degree of functionality specific to the needs of distribution companies.
Sales Distribution Management System

Eyecon Consultant is one of the best POS software provider in the country. POS distributor management system and POS retailer are innovation in the Global market with high embed technology. POS is highly attractive and makes you comparatively separate from other competitors. it gives you the best performance result and the most reliable and time-saving system with low maintenance.
Our distributor POS software is also for single and chain stores and controls all your front-store transactions and reports. The UI user interface for your distributor POS is designed by our qualified and experienced developer and graphic designer team. The POS for retail and distributor can also reduce the cost of operations.


Yes, a POS System can satisfy all your needs regarding your kind of business. For the wholesaler and distributor a POS system is very beneficial for them because of the fast and efficient activity of sales, purchase and organizing inventory in a good manner. A distributor can send and receive a good voucher for their order and cash transaction and manage clients and customers by serial number so they can never face any hurdles between them.

Key Features of Distributor management system :

1. Order booking management
2. Control price & Margin
3. Offer & scheme
4. Inventory management
5. Stock management
6. Promotion
7.  Daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports
8. Synchronize data

Key Features of our Real estate management system

POS Software Highlights

  • Strong Database Structure
  • Advance Searching
  • Customized Reporting
  • Order Booking
  • Work With Offline & Online
  • Automate Company’s Standard Process
  • Complete Visibility Of Order Booking & Sales Performance
  • More Efficient Utilization Of Manpower
  • Centralize Information Storage
  • Instant View Of Account Balance, Credit, Sales & Services
  • Real-Time Sales
  • Better Control On Sales Operation