Indoor Cricket Management System

“Eyecon Consultant provides Complete indoor cricket management system under the name of OneClick software. OneClick is a complete billing and Ticket management system with great User Interface that will not trouble you at all”


Ticketing Management Software

As of now Indoor Cricket have become a trend world wide and there are almost to none software solutions available in market to cope up with work flow. Eyecon’s Indoor Cricket Software has a Ticket Management system that divert the customer flow in a mannered and organized way.
In other way we are providing ticketing management software to manage the payments, visitor, and other all operations in theme park, water park, Amusement Park.

Sales & Billing Operations

With easy-to-use user interface you can easily generate ticket for visitor  and sales, single and package over to customer and perform other billing operations. Our sales and billing software make it as easy as it could be to do your daily billing operations.

All kind of Reports

Eyecon Consultant’s OneClick POS Software have various types of reports that are useful in analyzing your Business statistics. Some of the reports are

Dashboard and Reports

If you can’t find your desirable report then no worries. Reports are customizable and can be designed according to your requirement.