Patient Management System

“Our Patient Management System makes it easy to manage your clinic or Hospital in an organized manner by generating OPDs tokens, Keeping customer’s records up-to-date and perform many more tasks.”

Patient Management System

OneClick is a leading Clinical Hospital Management System by Eyecon Consultant. It is integrated with the Pharmacy store system which offers fully integrated Patient, Financial Management for the efficient running of your private consulting suite and is designed for the needs of both Consultants and Clinic Secretaries.

Eyecon Consultant is guaranteed to reduce time on administrative tasks, improve the quality of Customer care and streamline the day-to-day Operations of your clinic.

In the Patient module, you can manage all your OPDs and control doctor wise, day wise sales.

Overall, it is an important tool for healthcare organizations looking to improve patient care, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. They can help healthcare providers make more informed decisions, improve communication, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

By automating many administrative tasks and improving the overall efficiency of healthcare organizations, it can help reduce costs. Additionally, by improving patient care, it can also help reduce the need for unnecessary tests and treatments, which can also help reduce costs.

Patient Management System

Key Features

  • Patient Record Keeping
  • Prescribing & Medicines Management
  • Access Patient Information Quickly & Easily
  • Clinical & Financial Management
  • Simplify Appointments & Diary Management
  • Easily Manage Streamline Accounts
  • Streamline Clinic Tasks
  • Issue Patient Reminders & Task Messages
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities
  • Financial Reporting

POS Software Highlights

  • Finance Monitoring
  • Strong Database Structure
  • Data & Customer Management
  • Dashboard & Mobile Reporting
  • Cash, Credit, Credit Card
  • User Control & Logs
  • Easy Accounts/Petty Cash
  • General & Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Patient Track History
  • OPDs Ticket System