Meat Shop Billing Software

OneClick Meat Shop Billing Software is designed to give unforgettable control of your Vegetable, Fish, fruit & Meat market business. By using our Meat,  vegetables & Restaurant POS Software you can speed up service and increase the efficiency of operations.

Benefits of using Fish Market POS & Meat Shop Billing Software

The customizable options offered in the system are ideal for any Meat shop, Vegetable Shop & fish store.
Get direct access to all operations modes right from the main dashboard, this reduces errors in order type and increases speed of service.

Our system is to make the work paperless. In Meat & Vegetables POS System we are providing many features which can maintain your warehouse and daily sales of your business.

Costumers are the important key for any business. In Oneclick software there are many features you’re costumer management Restaurant Billing System which can helps you to boost your business and connect with customer forever, by using our loyalty or membership feature you can offer multiple type of discount & points to customer.

Meat and Vegetables shop POS system | Meat and Vegetables shop POS system | Restaurant Billing System

Why Butcher Shop software Important for Meat Store?

OneClick POS Software for Butcher shop isn’t just an answer for tolerating and handling Billing and accounting transaction. A good Inventory management system cover your whole business in a very easy manner. You can deal with each part of your business from stock control to arrange the board, accounting, Order booking, delivery, commission & cashier control.

Key Features
Meat Shop Billing Software & Systems

Manage Single and chain location online/offline.

Connected with electronics weight scale to automate your sales and inventory management.

One Click Meat store POS Solution connected with Weight scale to control extra weight on sale counter.

You can manage customized discount by customer class (Silver Customer, Gold Customer etc.), by category, by date, by item, by location etc.

Manage your daily expenses, rent, salaries and ledgers.

User control and rights according to their designation.

System has integrated warehouse management and transfer inventory from location to other location.


  • Finance Monitoring
  • Weight Scale Connectivity
  • Reward Point & Loyalty Card
  • Data & Customer Management
  • Dashboard & Mobile Reporting
  • Cash, Credit, Credit Card
  • User Control & Logs
  • Easy Accounts/Petty Cash
  • General & Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Strong Database Structure
  • Work Offline/Online
  • Inventory Management
  • FBR Billing System