Boutique, Clothing And Garment Store POS Software

“OneClick is the best Boutique, clothing and Garment Store POS Software one can offer.

How To Get Benefit From Garment Store POS Software

To run a hassle free business you need a perfect Billing and Inventory Management System.
Oneclick Garment Store POS Software in Pakistan is top rank POS system to manage fashion boutiques, tailors, Clothing store and all types of retail stores. integrated with an ecommerce website and FBR Billing System.

POS Software For Clothing Store

Grow your business with one of the best POS Software For Clothing Store, Eyecon is the best POS software provider company in Pakistan who are providing complete retail solutions for Apparels and clothing stores to manage inventory, sales, billing and all Garment Store operations.

How Control Measurement in Garment Store

The measurement control system is the best feature in the OneClick Garment Store POS Software to manage customers’ measurements because the measurement of the customer may change at the next visit and all the measurements are already there in the system and can be selected at the time of order booking and billing. customer order forms simply can be printed and given to the customer a copy and set a reminder for the delivery date of the order.

Boutique And Garment Store POS

Fast Searching And Billing Operations

Eyecon has a strong search feature to search customers by customer ID, name, or by phone number and maintain the customer’s account, and will reflect previous outstanding in new booking receipts.

Sales Management Solution For Boutique POS System & Fashion Designer Software Solution

Eyecon POS ERP is one of the best solutions for your single or multi-located Boutique and fashion design business with strong inventory and Customer management control that covers all their business needs.
The Fashion Designing and Boutique POS System are the perfect solutions to control the entire business in a very easy way that helps them to keep the database of their clients and their measurement styles and their references. If you are managing your boutique manually just remind yourself that there are too many drawbacks of manual work.

Time-consuming to write billing.

Less Business Control.

Data security issues.

Difficult to maintain the ledger

Best POS And Billing Software Provider In Karachi | Lahore | Islamabad

Our Touch and easy-to-use Billing software are available in Karachi , Lahore , Islamabad,  and all cities in Pakistan.

Uniform Store Management System

Generally, the management of a uniform shop is typically to manage their orders & Inventory. Still, our Uniform store software is the best-designed solution and a very easy To Use System for a single and chain location and you can easily book your order and forward it to the back office or any other centralized location to deliver or ready.

Boutique POS System Highlights

  • Easy Shop Billing Management.
  • Smart Order Tracking Solution.
  • Multi Business Locations And Warehouse.
  • Integrated With An ECommerce Solution.
  • Integrated POS Software With Shopify.
  • Integrated With FBR.
  • Cash And Credit Sale.
  • Petty Cash (Salary, Loan, Cash Draw, Etc.)
  • General And Miscellaneous Expenses.
  • Customer, Supplier, And Agent Ledger.
  • Transfer Between Shops.
  • Raw Material Control.
  • Stitched And Unstitched Fabric Record.