Book store software to manage billing and inventory control in Book Shops.

OneClick Book store software help bookstore’s owners to run their business more efficiently, perfect Inventory management, provide better service to customers, and smart their billing system.

Book Shop POS Software

Benefits in a good Book store Software

  • Easy to manage your sales operations, Billing, Discount, Customers, supplier, shop accounting, Inventory management and all type of single and chain Bookstore operations.
  • Reorder and minimum stock level Management.
  • Automate book shop by implement barcode solution in your retail outlets.
  •  Deploy customized point of sale to best fit with your specific requirements and business need.
  •  Book shop software can help automate the process of ordering new books. The software can automatically generate orders based on inventory levels and sales data, making the ordering process accurate and faster.
  • A good software for your business can help owners to manage customer data history that help to retain the customer and making the good marketing strategies.

Streamline your sales process | manage your inventory more effectively | manage Commissions |

improve the customer experience | save you time and money | Integrated with FBR POS System |

Integrated with ecommerce website | gain insights into your sales performance |

Manage Single and multi-branches

key features in Top class Book store software

Before buying a Book shop Software you need to check several important points that matters for your business. Good book shop software should be comprehensive, flexible, and user-friendly, providing bookstores with the tools they need to manage their business effectively and efficiently.

Easy to use Interface

Good book shop software should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to use for your cashier. Its Billing system is too easy for anyone to find their books by publisher, Author, ISBN no.  etc. at the time of billing.

RFID tags

Inventory Management

The software should have robust inventory management features, such as the ability to track stock availability, order new books, highlights stock when its touch minimum level, and generate reports on inventory levels.

Barcode Automation

The POS software should be able to generated barcode and paste in your books or stationery items & scan barcodes to quickly and accurately retrieve information about a book, such as the title, author, and price.

Barcode Automation
Customer Management and support

Customer Management

The software should allow for easy customer management, track customer purchase history, customer analytic and complete customer care solution should must be integrated with Book shop ERP.

Point of Sale

The software should include a point-of-sale (POS) system that is integrated with the inventory management system, allowing for quick and easy Billing and easy stock adjust in all type of retail and wholesale operations in book shop and stationery business.

Point of Sale
Integrated with Ecommerce website

Integrated with Ecommerce website or online Book Store.

The software should allow for online sales, either through an integrated e-commerce platform or through integration with popular online marketplaces or customize website.

Book shop Integration with FBR Invoicing system.

The POS software for retail business should must able to connect with government tax portal like FBR invoicing system, SRB, and PRA etc. to connect your Book store’s sales directly with TAX system.

Why choose OneClick to manage Book shop retail and wholesale business?

OneClick is one of the best and no. 1 POS software for Book shop business in Pakistan

Easy Implementation

The process of installing and setting up software quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to business operations. After finalize the software it’s may take 2 hours to implement as per your business.


OneClick software is designed to be flexible and adaptable to changing business needs. It can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as adding new features or integrations according to the particular book shop business or user.

Business Booster

Our system able to streamline business operations and automate repetitive jobs, reducing the time of your staff and effort required to complete them.

Support 24/7

Eyecon Consultant has the perfect support team, our technical assistance and support for the software are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here are some key aspects of software support 24/7:

Commission in wholesale billing

Commission management involves calculating commissions based on sales performance, which can include variables such as sales volume, product type, customer type, and commission rate.

Easy Store Accounting Solution

Integrated easy to use account module has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and understand. This can help users quickly learn how to use the software and complete accounting tasks.

POS Software Highlights

  • Easy Inventory Management in Book Shop.
  • Smart Order Booking for wholesale customer and retail.
  • Multi Business Locations And Warehouse.
  • Integrated With An ECommerce Solution.
  • Integrated POS Software With Shopify.
  • Integrated With FBR POS and FBR TAX portal.
  • Cash And Credit Sale to manage customer ledger.
  • Petty Cash (Salary, Loan, Cash Draw, Etc.)
  • General And Miscellaneous Expenses.
  • Customer, Supplier, And Agent Ledger.
  • Transfer Between Shops.