Jewelry Shop POS Software

“Best Jewelry Shop POS Software from Eyecon Consultant which is a well-established one-stop Software Development Company in Pakistan”

POS software for jeweler store in Pakistan

Benefits of having Jewelry Shop POS Software

OneClick is specialized  Jewelry Shop POS Software that covers from purchase to final billing and all the operation in between like barcode generation, Inventory management, warehouse management & customer care, etc.

Using a good retail billing system for a Jewellery store is very important because the best jewelry shop pos software reduces manual task, increase staff productivity & provide good control in your retail shop.

Jewelry shop POS

Increase Your Sales With E-Commerce Solution

Now an online presence is very important for every business owner especially for jewelers’ industries. The availability of a professional website is a piece of your digital enhancement. It’s the best way to grow your brand, improve your business & acquire more loyal customers.

Why Online Jewelry Store

Why Online Jewelry Store Is ImportantWhy Online Jewelry Store Is Important

Increase Customer Relations
Give Strength your brand
Learn from your audience
Run Creative marketing campaign

Complete Billing & Inventory Management Solution For Jewellery Shop,

OneClick, is the best-selling POS Software in Pakistan, we have a complete Billing Solution & Inventory management System for all types of retail businesses, especially for jewelers. we know better on the basis of our experience that what we spent on retail industries since last few years, if you need to manage your jewelry business in the easy and efficient style you must need a smart and professional Software company that can provide you with Complete software solution with perfect and on time deployment.

Customize management dashboard

Short Item popup and notification

RFID enabled inventory system

FBR Integrated Billing software

We Provide FBR verified POS software that provides all retail operations from Purchase to invoice posting in FBR portal.

Oneclick is the most Advance and cloud base modern FBR Billing Software in Karachi, the system can be deployed quickly and easily in computer or laptop, it include all feature required for jewelry shop automation.

It’s very important for jewelers to manage and control your product, we are also experts in the barcode, QR code, and RF technology to control jewelry shop inventory. Our point of sale system is designed for multiple types of retail and wholesale businesses and we offer a special edition of our FBRPOS system for Jewelry Store Management Software in Lahore .

Highlight Of Top Jewelry Shop POS Software

  • Manage Single and multiple branches from a centralized location.
  • Work with offline and auto synch when the internet is available (Internet is not mandatory for Billing)
  • Auto SMS and email integration for the management and customer
  • RF enables tagging and inventory control system.
  • Fully integrated with FBR portal & SRB integration.
  • Pakistan’s No. 1 Jewelry Billing software that integrates with e-commerce solution (Online jewelry store in WordPress, Shopify and customized website designed in PHP.