Who you can smart your billing system with good Uniform Shop software

Manage your Purchase, sales, commission, Billing System, and all types of retail and wholesale operations with Eyecon Consultant’s Uniform Shop Software

Uniform Shop

How Uniform shop Software great for your business.

Eyecon Consultant’s OneClick Uniform Shop Software is the best fit for any uniform, garment & workwear clothing store that is willing to control their daily business operations in a mannered and organized way. POS Software is essential in making business operations and flow accurate and our Uniform shop and garment store software have every credibility to be counted as a priority when looking for software.

A POS System Organizes Everything

A POS system is needed to run a business in an organized and efficient way. Eyecon’s Uniform store system helps you track your inventory in real-time to avoid any miscalculations in from of human error. You will have complete track of your Cash sales, Credit Sales, Credit Card Sales, Online Sales, etc. so you don’t get lost in calculating. Customer record keeping will help keep track of your customer’s previous sales, it will help provide better customer service. POS Software has reports that will give you a brief look at your all working departments so you can make necessary business decisions accordingly.

Why Eyecon Consultant’s Uniform shop Software?

Our POS gives you tons of benefits which makes it the best POS Software in Pakistan. Some of the main features are mentioned below

User Friendly UI

Our user-friendly software makes it simple for user to complete their tasks easily and efficiently rather than wasting time in navigating through menus.


One can easily manage their multiple located chain uniform store from one place, keep record of all your locations to take better business decisions

Fast Checkout Process

Giving your customer and your cashier relief by easy and fast checkout process with just OneClick. Our simple and sorted cashiering screen is best fit.


OneClick can be integrated to multiple systems in one or more than one location. It is also integrated to your E-Commerce website and billing with FBR POS.

Data Analysis

Have great and accurate business analysis by our reports section, giving you all data analysis reports needed.

Strong Database

Our strong database structure is designed in a way which makes it secure and store data in mannered fashion.

Great Customer Support

Eyecon Consultant’s 24/7 customer support is enough to describe our dedication toward our clients, as our clients are the highest prior on our checklist. A satisfied client is the biggest wealth a company could have, customer support is our priority.

Customer Management and support