Restaurant POS Software And System

“Eyecon’s Restaurant POS Software contains every ability to cope up with the  Restaurant operations

Restaurant POS Software | Restaurant Billing System

POS Software For Restaurant

Eyecon consultant offers you not just Restaurant POS Software. It’s an easy-to-use, reliable, and complete retail Solution under the name OneClick.
We provide all types of food business modules i.e. Coffee shop, cafe, Canteen, ice cream shop, Restaurant Billing System, etc. to manage your entire business. Our is designed to perfection for an efficient and time-saving working experience.

Restaurant POS Software | Restaurant Billing System

Restaurant Billing System

Billing operations of a restaurant is very crucial for the cashier.  During peak hours in our Restaurant Billing System cashier can perform all cashiering activities in a blink of an eye and efficiently

Customization Software Any Food Business

We know better from our experience that every restaurant business. Has different requirement so our strong customize options offered in the system is ideal for any Food Business including fine dine, bistros, fast food, chain restaurant, pizzas, etc.
No matter whether you have a un-educated staff, OneClick helps the staff to complete their tasks efficiently and easily. We are proud to have designed restaurant software in Urdu version, where user can easily generate their billing in Urdu language. Our POS Software In Karachi can easily be integrated with (SRB) and we are also an authorized POS vendor in Lahore to integrate with (PRB). Food panda and waiter commission is managed easily. Our dedicated support staff is available 24/7 to provide the best customer support and step-by-step training videos are available on YouTube.

Restaurant POS Software | Restaurant Billing System

Restaurant Order Management

Get direct access to all operations modes right from the main dashboard,
this reduces errors in order type and increases the speed of services.

Kitchen Order Ticket & Kitchen display system

Get the flexibility to choose from Dine in, Delivery, and Take Away, making it easier for the staff to track the order type and simplifying.
The billing process by using our easy Billing System. Moreover, through the Kitchen Order Taking Systemall orders are immediately displayed on chef’s dashboard. or print KOT at cooking area, no matter if you have multiple kitchens and chefs for different products like fast food, desi food, tandoor, juice bar, etc. the system will print tickets accordingly. We have integrated Best Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) in our Restaurant Management. System to smoother your work flow and provide fast service to your customers.

Recipe Management system

One of the most tedious and convoluted tasks is to control raw material inventory. The kitchen is the main area where we can make efforts to keep track of our Raw materials and wastage.

Control Inventory & Row materials at Kitchen

Our recipe management system is designed to control your raw material and finished product. And the advanced tracking system and smart reporting dashboard keep you up to date with the inventory levels and see punctuating demands in your store, allowing for better cost-saving decisions.

Control your Restaurant chain business setup

By using our cloud version, you can integrate all your locations and control your business at your fingertips. Each location can have its purchase, sales & inventory management, and dashboard but you can summarize all your data in one place. Call for a free POS software demo.

Android App for restaurant Order Taking

OneClick Mobile App for restaurant POS offers a unique opportunity to receive instant ordering from a tablet to make a paperless environment. Our Tablet Ordering System gives the customer a unique and distinguished experience and helps to optimize the order-taking process.

Best Restaurant ERP System In Pakistan

Eyecon’s ERP solution inclusive of all modules that help you to run your Café, Fast food, pizza shop, ice cream & bakery, etc. in a better way. 

Best Restaurant ERP solution | Best Restaurant ERP System In Pakistan​

Restaurant POS Software in Pakistan

Eyecon Consultant’s restaurant solution designed core focused to provide easy
use solution that can be operated by un-educated staff who are not well aware of the computer.
Our menu can be designed in all local languages

Easy Restaurant Software in Urdu

For those people who want to run their restaurant software in their local language. Mostly in Urdu, Hindi & Arabic, and for this they are searching a best software service provider in dubai, UAE and middle east. Then you are at right place.
we provide top ranked software for all type of retail business

Leading Restaurant System Saudi Arabia

Eyecon Consultant is a leading POS software company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia providing vat billing software with the best customer support, system has different features that are required to run a smart business setup like integrated with Saudi QR code zakat fatoora system, ZATCA tax, KSA E-Invoicing software.

POS Software For Restaurant in UAE

Our Arabic billing POS software for restaurants in UAE with VAT Accounting is professionally designed for Restaurant management in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman, etc. OneClick vat enabled billing system covers all Organizations in UAE, Integrated UAE VAT System along with Inventory and raw material management

Good POS System – Need for your Business

We offer full-cycle development services for your business. With our strong team of IT professionals, we help you to generate a prolific online revenue stream.

Topping & add-ons

Add-ons is an additional item sold to a customer with main product or services

Table management

Manage your table with time to track your sales and waiter’s performance.

Sub menu

pop-up list of choices when you select any product to sale i.e. if user selects pizza, sub menu will show the list of flavors

Customer feedback & send thanks SMS

After performing a sale you can send auto generated Thanks SMS to your customer. Add their feedback in software to provide best customer care and maintain your restaurant quality.

Order announcement system

To manage bulk order and Food panda sales you can enable order announcement to minimize people’s traffic at counter.

User management

If you are not able to give time at your restaurant, no worries we got your back. Control your cashier and assign limited rights to users and keep track of gift sales, return and cancel orders, and all your operations inside.

Type of Restaurant POS Software in Pakistan

OneClick is an automation Canteen Management System to control all your operations
order management, delivery, kitchen and billing process.

Best Cafe POS System for Coffee Shops

OneClick Café POS system is a very easy-to-use solution to manage cafes and coffee shops. No worries to manage your sales, purchase, Accounting transactions and stock monitoring remotely, our cloud-based solution for coffee shop also works offline, and it's very asaan POS software to manage single and chain coffee shop business.

Pizza shop point of sale software

Pizza shop point of sale software is specially designed for pizza restaurants. Our ultimate solution package includes billing management, kitchen management, recipe & raw material management, cashier/shift control, smart stock, and profit reports, a dashboard, and everything that you need to run your food chain operation smoothly.

POS software for ice cream Shop

The POS system for ice cream shops is capable to manage operations, order management, scoope control, inventory tracking, topping, deal management & processing of the order into the kitchen, in topping and add-ons users can add any additional material/product with the main product during sales as per customer demand.

POS Software for Canteen

some organizations and factories provide meal facilities to their staff. To manage your kitchen, accounts, contractor staff payments, and monthly billing process you need the best POS software for canteen management. In college, school, hospital & university canteen you can manage prepaid billing systems for any customer.

Juice bar POS software

Grow your office cafeteria business fast with our Juice Bar POS System that is designed especially to full fill all your needs. Juice Shop Billing Software smartly works with the internet (iPOS) to access from anywhere, integrated mobile app for restaurant management system is the best solution to reduce your overhead and increase your profit!

Fast Food Billing software

Now Create orders, manage multiple kitchen KOT, generate billing, manage stock, strong customer care, branded SMS integration, delivery, dine in, take away, food panda payment, issue estimated cost & and all your food business operations in your finger just call us and check free Fast Food Billing software demo.

POS Software Highlights

  • Easy Shop Billing Management.
  • Smart Order Tracking Solution.
  • Multi Business Locations And Warehouse.
  • Integrated With An ECommerce Solution.
  • Integrated POS Software With Shopify.
  • Integrated With FBR.
  • Cash And Credit Sale.
  • Petty Cash (Salary, Loan, Cash Draw, Etc.)
  • General And Miscellaneous Expenses.
  • Customer, Supplier, And Agent Ledger.
  • Transfer Between Shops.
  • Row Material Control.
  • Stitched And Unstitched Fabric Record.